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Built in 1906. Scuttled in 1926. Raised in 1980. Restored and returned to service in 1996. The streetcar steamboat Minnehaha is a story of dreams and ambition. Now, sadly, Minnehaha no longer has access to a launch site on Lake Minnetonka. To return to active service, she needs a new launch site.

Minnehaha served the greater Lake Minnetonka community from 1906–1926 and again from 1996–2019. Deemed Lake Minnetonka’s most important historical artifact, she now needs our help. It will take the entire community to rally as we keep the legend alive.


What’s the Status

Minnehaha has been out of service since 2019. While still ship-shape, she now needs a new launch site. Learn more about the effort to find Minnehaha a new launch site and return her to passenger service.


How To Help

Donate, become a member, volunteer, contact local leaders. There are several ways you can help save Minnehaha. Learn more about how you can support the effort to return Minnehaha to the waters of Lake Minnetonka.


About Minnehaha

Minnehaha has been a living symbol of the Lake Minnetonka community since 1906. Since her restoration, she has provided thousands of passengers a glimpse into the community’s past. Learn more about the remarkable history of this National Historic Resource.






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