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  Original Minnehaha (1906) Restored Minnehaha (1996)
Length 70 feet 70 feet
Beam 14 feet, 10 inches 14 feet, 10 inches
Draft (loaded) 5 feet, 7.5 inches 5 feet, 7.5 inches
Displacement 31 short tons (coaled) 55 short tons (fueled and ballasted)
Fuel Coal No. 2 fuel oil
Construction Wood with white oak frames, cypress planking. Wood with white oak frames, Douglas fir planking.
Capacity 135 persons 101 persons
Crew 3 (Pilot, Purser, Engineer) 3 (Pilot, Purser, Engineer)
Engine 150 horsepower 5.5x9x15.75 triple-expansion condensing steam engine (Marine Iron Works, Chicago, IL). 127 horsepower 7x10x18 triple-expansion condensing steam engine (Chadwell O’Connor, Los Angeles, CA, 1944).
Boiler 250 psi 5×7 upright water tube Roberts boiler (Marine Iron Works, Chicago, IL). 250 psi water tube boiler (Cleaver-Brooks, Thomasville, GA, 1993).
Propeller Single 44-inch bronze quadruple-blade screw. Single 44-inch bronze quadruple-blade screw from sister vessel Como.
Top Speed 10 knots (12 mph) 10 knots (12 mph)
Exterior Colors Canary yellow with olive and oxide red trim. Canary yellow with olive and oxide red trim.
Seating Streetcar-style split reed caned seats (cabin); oak and wrought iron benches (top deck). Original streetcar-style split reed caned seats (cabin); original oak and wrought iron benches (top deck).
Lighting Electric cabin lights and searchlight with kerosene navigation lights. All lights electric, including original searchlight.
Steering 32-inch diameter pilot wheel with cable control system. 32-inch diameter pilot wheel from sister vessel Hopkins with hydraulic control system.
Other Notes Top deck canopy added circa 1912. Top deck canopy added in 1997, removed by 1999.