The Museum of Lake Minnetonka is an all-volunteer organization and is only able to operate because of the time and effort put in by its volunteers. We gladly welcome new members to the team!

  • The MLM offers a variety of volunteering opportunities suitable for all persons above the age of 15.
  • Training is provided for all positions, and there is no minimum time requirement.
  • Please contact us if you are interested in getting involved!

Captains are responsible for the overall operation of the vessel including safety and navigation. Captains also narrate on-board “history talks” and explain points of interest to passengers while underway. A State of Minnesota Commercial Master’s License is required.


Engineers are responsible for all on-board mechanical systems and operate the oil-fired, 180 psi boiler and double-action, triple-expansion steam engine. Commands for speed and direction are taken from the Captain through a system of audible bell signals. A State of Minnesota Boiler Operator’s License is required.


Pursers handles lines when Minnehaha approaches and departs the dock, collects tickets and fares while underway, and greet passengers while boarding.


The maintenance crew is responsible for a wide variety of tasks including painting, woodworking, reupholstering seats, maintaining electrical systems, and repairing Minnehaha’s boiler and steam engine. Other skills and interests are welcome, too.


Essential administration tasks include phone handling, merchandise sales, publishing the Steamboatin’ News newsletter, and staffing the MLM booth at community festivals. Other skills and interests are welcome, too.


*Captains, Engineers, and Pursers are always needed, but may only see action when Minnehaha returns to the waters of Lake Minnetonka. Luckily, volunteers in any role are welcome to help out in any way they can!