Special Membership Meeting of
The Museum of Lake Minnetonka

7 pm, Monday, May 22nd, 2023
Pique Event Center
306 Water Street, Excelsior, MN

Purpose of Meeting:

  1. To provide a brief update on steamboat Minnehaha and efforts to return her to active operation.
  2. To approve the proposed Plan of Consolidation between the Museum of Lake Minnetonka, Excelsior-Lake Minnetonka Historical Society, Wayzata Historical Society and Westonka Historical Society.

An Important Message from MLM Board of Directors

Dear Fellow MLM Members:

After three years of careful study, discussion and consideration, the Boards of Directors of the Museum of Lake Minnetonka, Excelsior- Lake Minnetonka Historical Society, Wayzata Historical Society and Westonka Historical Society have each voted unanimously to approve a Plan of Consolidation between our four organizations.

The MLM Board of Directors is now calling a Special Membership Meeting to submit the Plan of Consolidation to a vote by our members pursuant to MN Statute 317A.613, Subd. 2. The Board of Directors feel that this path will…

  • Shine a greater spotlight on Minnehaha’s plight and the infrastructure she needs to resume operation;
  • Enable efforts to secure a new launch site to continue unabated and draw upon an expanded base of professional expertise and connections;
  • Ensure MLM’s dedicated volunteers will continue to lead Minnehaha’s operation and preservation; and
  • Provide a cornerstone role for Minnehaha in the consolidated organization’s programs and activities.

We encourage you to attend one of the Consolidation Information Sessions listed below to learn more about the proposed consolidation and have your questions answered. At these presentations, the Joint Committee of the four organizations will share the background of the proposed consolidation and explain how the consolidated organization will operate and be governed. The presentation will include a question and answer session followed by light refreshments.

Links to the Plan of Consolidation and additional consolidation materials are below.

As MLM knows firsthand, our world is constantly evolving.  We cannot expect to do business as it has always been done.  To survive and thrive in this new reality, we too must evolve.  We hope you will join us at one of the Consolidation Information Sessions and that you’ll vote at the Special Membership Meeting on May 22nd. This is an exciting development for Minnehaha and we look forward to sharing with you what we hope the future will hold for all of us.


Your MLM Board of Directors…

Tom McCarthy
Sue Paulson

Aaron Person
Scott McGinnis
Liz Vandam

Steve Albrecht
Jeff Cotter

Learn more by attending one of three
Consolidation Information Sessions:

Important Consolidation Information Links


Simply email your questions to: mail@steamboatminnehaha.org